WestSide Associates, Holdings 

WestSide Associates

 Westside Associates is a holding company that takes on the true meaning of a parent company. We function as a multifaceted company that gives our clients and owners innovative ways to accumulate wealth and profits. 

    Our versatility involves:

1) A corporate model that replicates an incubator by embracing our subsidiaries, making sure they have everything they need to build a successful company. Henceforth, increasing the value of our investments.

2) Our commodity program (C.O.D.E.P.R.O) that gives investors the opportunity to invest in individual revenued-items. Receiving residual income.

     Our objective is to build a conglomerate that owns majority shares in companies with a wide range of Industries and niches. 

     Though we are currently investing in agriculture, we are also investing in the virtual world. We feel that the internet is a new landscape. The New Frontier. And we want to get in at the beginning. It is like investing in America during its colonial stages.

     To see the specific companies that we are invested in, please visit our funding company, Westside Associates Funding, for more opportunities.