WestSide Associate's Investments 

For details of further WestSide Associate Investments, please click here. WestSide Associate Funding will allow you to, not only pick an investment, but pay for the investment. You will have a variety of options and sectors to choose. From agriculture, to digital real estate. Websites to apps. But for the most profitable investment, with the highest possibility of return, look into the WestSide Associates Script. A corporate tender that will allow the possessor to purchase any & everything within the WestSide Associates domain. Including stock.

La'Couria is mainly a nonprofit operation but they have a for-profit sister company that is currently engaged in the agruculture industry. Click here to visit La'Cour Family Farms. 

They are a family farm with 25 texas acres and 41 acres in California City. But they have a realistic plan for expansion.

They plan too expand with land, crop selection, red worm wigglers, compost and livestock variety; as well as initiate a manufacturing initiative from crops and by-product they harvest and create from agriculture.

If you would like to invest or read more on La'Couria's venture, click here.

BlueBack Token

WestSide Associates is heavily invested in the BlueBack Token. This is a digital currency on the ethereum blockchain that will allow anonymous transaction. Greenback cash and coins will soon be obsolete in our society. It is best to invest early on in a stable currency. But its stability depends on our usage of it. Let's start using the BlueBack instead of the Greenback.
Westside Associates California City Land!
Westside Associates California City Land!

Land Investment Program

Land Investment Programming

     Westside Associates is initiating their Land Investment Program (LIP). LIP is a great investment opportunity for investors. 

As with any investment strategy, there is always risk. However, Westside Associates LIP program minimizes risk substantially.

     LIP allows you to invest without the full principal down and a guaranteed buyback at the end of the 3rd year of your investment; for double the initial price tag.

Below we will go into to step by step detail of the LIP program. 

Purchase the land.   

You may either purchase the land with cash or by Owner Finance. 

Cash: After you have purchased your lot, you may still be involved  with LIP with a 3rd year buyback contract. This contract obligates Westside Associates to purchase your land back, at the end of the 3rd year of your ownership; at double the original purchase price.

Cash Pros: Land is yours. No risk of losing the land if you do not maintain payments. 

Cash Cons: Your investment return is less, than if you exercised the Owner Finance option. Because those that are owner financed, do not usually pay full principal price before exercising the 3rd year buyback option.

Owner Finance: Westside Associates will finance the purchase of your land with no credit check, background check, ect… . Our purpose is to give everyone an opportunity to own land. This process is simple. Put $3,000 down and pay $500 a month to maintain the land.

Owner Finance Pros: With Owner Finance, you do not have to pay the full principal upfront. If you pay the full principal at all. You may only end up paying 65% to 75% of the principal by the time you exercise your 3rd year buyback option. You will then receive a cash return on the property for twice the purchase price.

Owner Finance Cons: If you do not maintain your monthly payments, you may lose the land and all that you have invested in it. 


Down payment is $3,000 and $500 a month after.

Please be capable of maintaining your payments for at least three years. 

When we finance your land, you become the owner, but there is a lien on the property until the principal is paid. Which means that you lose the property if you can not pay it off. 

3rd Year Buyback

At the end of the third year of your purchase, you may exercise the 3rd Year Buyback option. This will be stated in your financed contract. This stipulation obligates us to buy back your land at double its value on the day you purchased it.

Lots rates are currently $20,000 for a 5,000 sf lot. This means that, on the 12th month of your third year of ownership, you can force us to buy it back from you at $40,000. No if, and's or butts. No slick loopholes. We have to buy it back!